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Castle Grayskull Computer

Construction 3

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Another 3 months down the road and I've replaced the motherboard, CD-ROM for a DVD-RW, RAM, and processor as well as added the CPU fan. Also, two USB ports were added to the rear windows for extra USB support. Here are shots of these items installed and running!




As stated earlier, we still had two more 80mm fans to install. After a brief search I located an 80mm iron cross fan grill. This must be a part of the final display. From here the second fan went in the opposite tower but this time facing vertically as an intake to blow wonderful cool air down on top of the processor and hard drive. The fan grill fit nicely with a little bending and looks fantastic when the computer is lit or idle.



The last two issues left were as follows: what to do with the DVD-RW sticking out of the side of the castle and what to do with the space behind the drawbridge. After some consultation with another friend and master customs expert Heftysmurf76 from's Customs Forum, I constructed some trim pieces to frame up the edges of the DVD-RW. Sculpy was the medium of choice and after two intense paint mixing sessions we had our end result.