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Castle Grayskull Computer


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The drawbridge issue was solved with some artsy flair. I cut the bottom out of an art supply organizer to get the frosted glass look then cutting black foam sheeting to the shape of our favorite 80's icon. I then attached his image to the back and lit it with dual red cold cathodes. The switch was run up to the laser cannon platform and dremeled out for an ideal hiding place between the back two laser cannon supports. The result is phenonmenal.


In addition to the Computer itself, I managed to find a set of old Grayskull speakers for some sort of He-man themed record player or tape deck, not sure. I gutted them, as well as a set of Labtec speakers. Then I installed the shielded Labtecs into the Grayskull shells. With a bit of drilling and some hot glue, I mounted the volume, power, and bass boost knobs along with the mini controller board. The 1/4" plug wire and power wire ran out of the original speaker wire holes in the backs of each and the power connection was made internally.


But wait there's more! You just can't quit until the project is complete. Since the Computer itself is finished, I'm now concentrating more on the keyboard, mouse, and monitor. The keyboard is nearly complete and here are some shots of how this turned out. I used an old He-man collector's case for this project. I dismantled the case, removed the cardboard images, scanned them, pieced them back together and filled in the blank spots where the joints and hinges were, and then placed them onto a flat monochrome red background for a nice fluidity. Then I printed them on sticker sheets and removed the front cover from a black Logitech Elite keyboard and wrapped the stickers around every inch to get as complete a cover as possible, even the wrist rest! The only character I left out was Beast Man due to space limitations and style points. Next step is to seal it so the paper won't fade or become stained. Any suggestions on how to do that??


The mousepad was done through an online site that will take any picture and put it on either a square or round pad. I chose the round for this design. The mouse cradle was a suggestion from Heftysmurf76 and was accomplished through some delicate dremel work. It's sweet with the wireless optical mouse flashing red laser on the starburst chair back in the dark.


The final product is pretty low key. On first glance, you'd never think it's anything other than the product we all loved as kids. However...(scroll down)



Then you notice the red glow from the towers and the flag fluttering in the breeze and you know this is something special.

A few folks helped get this project off the ground and a few more helped to bring it to a successful conclusion. Thanks to those who put time or effort into making this a wonderful project, especially:

Heftysmurf76 from the .Org (for the paint job)
The Fallen Weeble (for the *ahem* occasional technical assistance)
Kinnikuman76 from the .Org (for the flag)